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10 things I haven’t packed and 3 things I have


1. Hair Straighteners

2. Hair dryer

3. Jewellery to match outfits

4. Pashmina’s to match outfits

5. Outfits!

6. High heals

7. Laptop/ internet enabled phone

8. Foundation

9. Eye shadow 

10. Separate shampoo and conditioner!

But 3 things that did make it in….

1. 3 books instead of just 2 which I promised Hedd! [In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin; Zen and the Art of Motocycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig; Wise Children by Angela Carter- any book recommendations let me know!]

2. Dental floss [gotta look after your teeth!]

3. Christmas present from Mum and Dad

…28 hours until we fly!